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“Spike is our German Shepherd, he is much beloved by the whole family and when he started having turns for the worse it caused us a great deal of worry. To make matters worse as a result of his health problems he also completely lost his appetite which meant that he was losing strength and thus the ability to fight back.

The next day my wife went shopping and on a whim purchased some of TopLife Milk for Dogs, which we began to give to him as we had run out of ideas. At the beginning (having never drunk milk before) he was a little nonplussed, but a lecture on the importance of him regaining strength and the judicious use of a rich tea bickie soon persuaded him that this was in fact a good thing (I think the unwanted attentions of our Parsons Jack Russell Buster as he tried every trick in the book to steal the milk probably had more affect than my carefully worded lecture.)

So to cut a long story short. Spike is well on the mend and it is our belief that without TopLife, it would have been a much tougher fight that we may not of won, so on behalf of the whole family (including Buster) we thank you. ”

Kris and Jaynie

We are sad to report that Spike passed away on 6th May, one day short of his 10th birthday.

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