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TopLife is gentle on Ollie’s tummy

Diane wrote to tell us how much her boy Ollie loves his milk:

“We used to give Ollie milk in the morning for his breakfast, however we noticed that he was getting quite gassy and sometimes having diarrhoea when he had this. We just wanted something different other than water, as I’m sure that they get fed up with drinking the same thing. We have been to lots of pet stores in our area and other shops when we go camping, but nothing was there. Then one day at our local supermarket, I was looking around and found Toplife Milk for Dogs on the shelf, I jumped for joy.

I was so excited to get home, I sat on the floor with his bowl at the side of me and shook the carton of milk, his tail was wagging and he was licking his lips. I poured the milk into his bowl and within a second it was gone, now the test was to see if his tummy rumbled and would the aftermath follow….

NO!! He was perfectly fine, so we have one happy little dog who now sits in a morning waiting for his milk and breakfast. One happy little puppy now, all thanks to TopLife Dog Milk.”

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