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The lovely Lilly adores her Toplife milk

Emily wrote in to us recently to tell us Lilly’s TopLife tale!

“Lilly is quite fussy when it comes to her food. If I ever change brands she simply refuses to eat it. I was curious to see what she’d make of TopLife’s milk. I always new cats love milk but thought that it wasn’t the best thing for them. I have since learnt that some milk, such as lactose reduced cows’ milk can be great for cats. After looking into other pet milks that are available, TopLife stood out to me as the best, not only has there formula got lower lactose, it has added vitamins and minerals so I know it is good for her and it’s less expensive. As soon as I poured the milk into Lilly’s bowl she was excited and it didnt take long for her to drink the lot. Thanks to TopLife I can spoil Lilly from time to time with a natural healthy treat that she adores.”

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