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Rescue dog Rafa is a TopLife fan

“Hi, I was looking on your website and saw ‘endorsements’ and I thought I would tell you about my experience of using TopLife for my dog Rafa.

I rescued Rafa through the RSPCA in October 2010. His owner had died suddenly and unexpectedly and so Rafa was unsupervised and not fed for 11 days. He was just 4 months old. He was well looked after in the kennels in the month between his owner’s death and us rescuing him but we weren’t aware of the difficulties Rafa would face with separation anxiety.

He quickly formed a very strong bond with my partner and I and when we left him he became extremely anxious and destructive. A friend recommended that he may find TopLife soothing, so we started him on the puppy milk in the morning and he started to settle.

We have since found TopLife to be a god-send. Rafa is somewhat injury prone and when he rips his dew claw out, or gets a cut or sore, metacam can be discretely hidden in his ‘milkies’.

He never turns his nose up at TopLife, the day he does I fear will be his last… thanks so much for a great product.”

We wish Rafa the very best of luck in the future!

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