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A brilliant treat for all my pets

Janice uses TopLife Milks for all of her pets. She says:

“My eldest dog Sally does not always have a great appetite, but loves her TopLife Milk. I feel that it really supplements her diet, especially on the days when she doesn’t eat well and it helps her nutritionally.

Skye is a competing Flyball dog and also loves her TopLife Milk – it provides her with the extra vitamins & minerals she needs to stay in the peak of fitness and health. Daisy May is a rescue dog – I rescued her mum and Daisy was one of 6. All 6 puppies were reared on TopLife Milk for Puppies as soon as they were weaned and I believe it helped them to grow healthy and strong with a good immune system. I am the Captain of a Flyball team and I encourage my members to feed their dogs TopLife because I believe it is a pure and natural source of vitamins & minerals.

Also, my cats are now 16 years old and again do not always have the best of appetites, but will always drink their TopLife Milk which gives them the necessary nutrition they need.”

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